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Chu Dau ceramics belong to high-class ancient ceramic line of Vietnam in the XII- XIII century, flourished in the XIV-XVI century during the Ly - Tran - Le - Mac period. In the XVII century, Chu Dau ceramics were lost.

The typical feature of Chu Dau ceramics is shown in the style, the glaze color and the sophisticated motifs expressing Vietnamese cultural identity, honestly reflecting the civilization of the Red River Delta.

Currently Chu Dau ancient ceramics are being treasured in 46 prestigious museums in 32 countries around the world.

Experiencing the ups and downs of history, after more than 400 years of loss, In 2001, Hanoi Trade Corporation - Joint Stock Company (Hapro), a member of BRG Group decided to establish Chu Dau Ceramic Joint Stock Company with the mission of reviving Chu Dau ancient ceramic line.

With the desire to continue the history of pride, desire to bring Chu Dau ceramics with more than 400 years of history and unique characteristics that go on long and long steps, BRG Group is preserving and developing Chu Dau ceramics with all passionate and love of the nation, meeting the expectation of numerous customers both domestically and internationally, so that Chu Dau Ceramics - representing a Vietnam imbued with national identity, is always open to international cooperation and integration.

Chu Dau Ceramics are proud to have been given golden words by General Vo Nguyen Giap “Chu Dau Ceramics - Essence of Vietnamese culture” and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc gave golden letters “Chu Dau Ceramics - Vietnamese identity, shining 5 continents”.

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